Our Active Directory Products

Finally, a powerful suite of tools to simplify Active Directory Management.

User Creation Tool

Easily bulk import new Active Directory user accounts from a CSV with just a few clicks.

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Last Logon Reporter

Get users TRUE last time for all users, single or users from an organizational unit.

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Export Users to CSV

Quickly export Active Directory users, groups, and all domain accounts to a CSV file.

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NTFS Permissions Report

Report folder permissions for shares and local folders. Get user permissions.

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Bulk User Updater

Bulk update user properties from a CSV with just a few clicks.

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User Unlock Tool

Find all locked users and quickly unlock them. Find the source of lockouts.

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Domain Health Check

Check the health of all your domain controllers.

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Group Membership Report

Report groups and user membership. Export to a CSV.

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AD Cleanup Tool

Find old user and computer accounts, bulk disable, or move to another OU.

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Local Admin Reporter

Find users that have local administrative rights on their local computer.

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Group Management Tool

Bulk add and remove users to Active Directory groups. Includes CSV template for easy use.

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Get the uptime and lastboot of remote computers. Pick a single PC or select an OU or AD groups.

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Service Accounts Report

Scan computers and servers for scheduled tasks and services.

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Active Directory Reports

Over 200 built in Active Directory Reports.

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Say Goodbye to Slow, Inefficient Native Tools
That Make Your Role Harder Than it Needs to Be

Native AD tools may be common – but that doesn’t make them efficient. Combined with
constant helpdesk calls, hours of manual work, and the risk of AD services failing, odds
are you’ve thought “there has to be a better way”.

With the Active Directory Pro Toolkit, there is.


Native Tools

Active Directory Pro

Bulk Import Accounts

Bulk Update Accounts

Find stale accounts

Export group membership to CSV

Report local administrative rights

Built-in Reporting

Automate tasks

Bulk update passwords

Monitor Domain Health

Ready to take Full Control of Active Directory and skip hours of manual work

Join 100,000+ global IT professionals using the AD Pro toolkit to make their jobs easier and reclaim their time.