Simplify Microsoft 365
Management and Reporting

Streamline reporting and management of Entra ID (Azure) and Microsoft 365 services with the 365 Pro Toolkit.


Management Tools


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Microsoft 365 Management Tools

The 365 Pro Toolkit includes the following management tools.

  • Cleanup Tool – Find inactive Entra ID Users, guest accounts and devices.
  • Create Users – Bulk create Entra ID user accounts.
  • OneDrive Copy Tool – Copy OneDrive data from one account to another.
  • Update Users – Bulk update Entra ID user accounts.
  • Update Group Members – Bulk add or remote 365 users to groups.
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Microsoft 365 and Entra ID Reporting

Get deeper insights into your 365 environments with our 365 reporting tool. Easily schedule, export and mail from a list of built-in reports.

  • Users
  • MFA Status
  • Groups
  • Devices
  • License Reports
  • Exchange Online – Coming soon
  • Security and compliance – Coming Soon
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Microsoft 365 Automation

The built-in task schedular lets you automate running reports that will save you time and effort.

  • Schedule tasks to run daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Email reports directly to your inbox.
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365 Security and Auditing

Track changes to your 365 environment such as who modified a group, password changes, account creation and deletion. These features will be added soon.

  • Track password changes
  • Audit group modifications
  • Audit account creation and modifications
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