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manage 10 users or 10,000.

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Over 3000 organizations worldwide use our software to
simplify Active Directory management.

System Administrators. IT Technicians. Helpdesk Teams

Here are the advantages enjoyed by all users

Very easy to use

“Active Directory Pro has helped me complete bulk uploads and updates into our AD. The GUI and templates are very easy to use.”

Senior IT Lead

No Need For PowerShell

We probably use the toolset every couple of weeks for different AD tasks.  It just makes working in AD easier than doing it manually or with Powershell.”

IT Manager

Saves Significant Time

“I used the tool to import and update users when moving to a new domain. That saved me a lot of time and was easy to use.”

Systems Engineer

Active Directory Solutions

Active Directory Pro has helped countless IT experts, HR managers, and system administrators
become more effective and efficient. Here are the features included in the toolkit.

Management Tools

Finally, a powerful suite of Active Directory Management Tools to support virtually any Active Directory task quickly, efficiently, and with the click of a button.

  • Bulk Create Users
  • Bulk User Modification
  • AD Cleanup
  • Lockout Troubleshooter
  • Update Group Membership
  • AD Health Monitor
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Built-in Reports

The toolkit includes over 200 Active Directory Reports. Quickly create audit reports, find insecure users, inventory domain objects, and export reports.

  • Logon Reports
  • Password Reports
  • Security Reports
  • Group Membership Reports
  • Inactive Users
  • Users with no manager
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Customer Feedback

“Our Active Directory was a huge mess. We used the AD Pro Toolkit to find unused computer accounts and disabled them. We started with over 900 computers and found 300+ inactive accounts.”

Brian Stillwell – Sr. System Administrator

“The AD Pro Toolkit allows me to pull reports quickly for users, groups, and computers. It is very easy to use and I have saved a lot of time by using these tools. I would highly recommend this product.”

Jeff Stamps – IT Manager

“We purchased Active Directory Pro so that our Helpdesk could quickly unlock user accounts, it is a top support call. It has also been a lifesaver in troubleshooting repeat lockouts and finding where users were getting locked out from.”

Diana Frye – IT Support Manager

“Very easy to use. I use the NTFS reports for our users. This makes it easy to create a compliance report. I can also quickly review folder permissions on our servers. ”

Cory Tran – Network Manager

“We use the Last Logon Reports to create monthly compliance reports for each department. This makes it very easy to export users and their last logon date”

John Teague – IT System Administrator

Native Tools vs AD Pro Toolkit


Native Tools

Active Directory Pro

Bulk Import Accounts

Bulk Update Accounts

Find stale accounts

Export group membership to CSV

Report local administrative rights

Built-in Reporting

Automate tasks

Bulk update passwords

Monitor Domain Health

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