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Entra ID (Azure), Microsoft
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Streamline your Active Directory management and
reporting with our easy-to-use software – whether you
manage 10 users or 10,000.

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Over 3500 Organizations Worldwide

Use our Software to Simplify AD Management

On-Prem, Cloud and Hybrid AD Solutions

Avoid the administrative gaps created by native tools and skip the time-consuming challenges of PowerShell
with our toolkits created to manage Active Directory and Microsoft 365 environments.

Active Directory Management Tools

The AD Pro Toolkit is a collection of tools to simplify and automate on-premises Active Directory.

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Active Directory

200+ Active Directory reports for users, logon reports, password reports, computer, groups and more.

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365 Management & Reporting

The 365 Pro Toolkit is a collection of tools to simplify and automate Entra ID and Microsoft 365 services.

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See Just How Much Easier Active Directory Pro
Makes Life for IT Professionals

“We purchased Active Directory Pro so that our Helpdesk could quickly unlock user accounts, it is a top support call. It has also been a lifesaver in troubleshooting repeat lockouts and finding where users were getting locked out from.”

Diane Drye – IT Support Manager

“I really like having a GUI method of interacting with Active Directory beyond the limited tools in Windows. We used to use scripts for most of our bulk updates and new user creation, AD Pro tools put everything in one place for convenient use anytime. “

Thad Taube – IT Systems Admin

“My company recently went through a Gmail to Office 365 migration. The AD Pro toolkit proved to be invaluable when setting up the legacy AD environment to create the hybrid model required to move and create accounts into Azure AD. It saved hours of manual updating and was easy to use..”

David Hall – Senior IT Lead

Sysadmins. IT Technicians. HelpDesk Teams

In the world of IT, Active Directory Pro is your powerful time-saving advantage. Native tools are incapable of
automating and simplifying AD management… so we created a suite of tools and resources to
make your job easier.


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