AD Pro Toolkit: Active Directory
Management Tools

AD Pro Toolkit is a collection of Active Directory Tools to automate and simplify Active Directory management.

19-in 1 Active Directory Toolkit

No PowerShell scripting

Easy to use AD Tools

Automated email reports

Over 3,000 organizations worldwide use our software to
simplify Active Directory management

“Our Active Directory was a huge mess. We used the AD Pro Toolkit to find unused computer accounts and disabled them. We started with over 900 computers and found 300+ inactive accounts.”

Brian Stillwell – Sr. System Administrator

“The AD Pro Toolkit allows me to pull reports quickly for users, groups, and computers. It is very easy to use and I have saved a lot of time by using these tools. I would highly recommend this product.”

Jeff Stamps – IT Manager

“We use the Last Logon Reports to create monthly compliance reports for each department. This makes it very easy to export users and their last logon date. Save a lot of time.”

John Teague – IT System Administrator

Top Features Why People Love AD Pro Toolkit

Finally, a powerful suite of tools to support virtually any Active Directory task quickly,
efficiently and with the click of a button.

ad pro toolkit reports

Ridiculously easy-to-use GUI Tool with No PowerShell scripting required

Find the data you need to deliver accurate reports without getting trapped in the time-sucking task of creating PowerShell scripts to do the job for you. Whether reviewing permissions, locking accounts, or resetting passwords, our Active Directory Tools make it easy to generate reports and manage AD objects. You’re in control of system security without worrying that a growing user base is creating security risks.

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Automate AD Tasks and get email notifications on important events

Whatever your responsibilities, odds are that manually updating Active Directory accounts is soaking up time that could be spent on more critical IT tasks. Whether reviewing permissions, locking accounts, or resetting passwords, you’re in control of system security without worrying that a growing user base is creating security risks.

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Save Hours of Time by running bulk tasks instead of manual work

Creating user accounts and applying bulk changes are common administrative tasks. Unfortunately, the user creation process can quickly become a drain on your schedule. Maybe you’re responsible for updating the details of 50 new employees hired by your organization. Or, you could be responsible for updating thousands of accounts. Automate your user creation so you can avoid manually updating 100’s (or thousands) of accounts and reduce your workload.

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List of Active Directory Tools

Below is a list of tools included in the AD Pro Toolkit.

Bulk import new Active Directory user accounts using a CSV template.

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Easily bulk update user account attributes or modify user fields.

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Remove single users or bulk delete user accounts.

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Export all users, users from groups or OUs to a CSV, excel or PDF file.

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Search or select accounts to move from one OU to another OU.

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Troubleshoot repeat account lockouts and find the source computer.

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Quickly find all locked users and reset user account passwords.

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This tool will find stale user and computer accounts in Active Directory.

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Check the health status of your domain controllers with this GUI tool.

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Scan and report on delegated permissions to Active Directory objects.

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Bulk update group membership, import groups, copy and report on AD groups.

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Modify Groups (coming Soon)

The tool is in development.

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Get the uptime and last boot of remote computers and servers.

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Find users that have local admin rights on their computers.

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Local Certificates Report

Scan computers and report on locally installed certificates.

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Check NTFS permissions on local and shared folders and sub-folders.

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Firewall Status

Scan remote computers and get the firewall status and rules.

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Scan computers and get all scheduled tasks and running services.

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Active Directory Reports

The Ad Pro Toolkit includes over 200 reports for users, computers, groups, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the AD Pro Toolkit? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Does the AD Pro Toolkit support multiple domains?

Yes. It will auto-detect your domains based on current credentials. You can click the domain button to change authentication and connect to other domains or domain controllers.

Do you have a tool to help with account lockouts?

Yes, the user Password Reset Tool can quickly display all locked users and the source of the lockout.

What is required to use the toolkit?

To create and bulk modify users you will need these rights in your Active Directory domain. This is often done by putting your account in the domain administrator group but can also be done by delegating these rights. Some tools like the last logon reporter, export, and group membership require no special permissions.

Is there a way to bulk update the manager, telephone numbers, and other user fields?

Yes, this is exactly what the bulk updater tool was created for. You can easily bulk update from a large list of user fields.

Can I bulk update and import accounts on a schedule?

Yes, both tools can be configured to run on an automated schedule.

I was just hired and Active Directory is a mess. Can the AD Pro Toolkit help?

The AD Cleanup Tool can help you find old user and computer accounts and bulk disable or move them. We have many customers that use this tool to cleanup their domain environments.

Can I install the software on multiple computers or servers?

Yes, with a site or MSP license. A single license is limited to installing the software on one computer.

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