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Active Directory Pro is dedicated to creating easy to follow tutorials on Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Windows Server, and related technologies. In addition, Active Directory Pro provides easy to use tools that simplify the administration of Active Directory.

About Robert Allen

Hi my name is Robert Allen, I created this site because I love technology and it has been my profession for over 15 years.

I hold several IT certifications including, MCSE, CCNA, CCNA Security and CompTIA Security +.

I started my career as a helpdesk tech and worked on a wide range of computer issues. The company I worked for had stores located around the United States, I would often travel to these stores to setup the computer systems. It was a great experience as I would get to help setup the network closets, install equipment and make sure the computer systems were ready for the opening day.

I eventually took a systems administrator job and started working on servers and networking equipment. When I started as a System Administrator I installed a lot of Windows Servers in VMWare. It was an interesting time as server virtualization was starting to become very popular. I remember when I started with the company I'm at now the server room was filled with physical servers. 5 years later we had that entire room down to one single rack thanks to server virtualization.

In addition to working with servers I also do a lot of networking. I've built entire networks from the ground up, rebuilt networks and done many enhancements to existing networks like breaking up layer 2, spanning tree issues, routing and so on.

I primarily use Cisco for networking, yes it is expensive but it is very reliable. I've also done several installs of ubiquiti bridges, great stuff. These are great to extend the network into places that don't have fiber or the budget for it.

I'm currently an IT manager for a mid size organization. My team handles all IT infrastructure which includes servers, networking, security, VOIP, video surveillance, door access, computer security and more.

As an IT manager I'm always looking for ways to automate and simplify things. I have wrote a lot of PowerShell scripts to help automate tasks mostly for windows and Active Directory.