How To List Installed PowerShell Modules

Do you need to get all installed PowerShell Modules?

No problem.

You can easily find all installed modules using the Get-Module cmdlet.

Let’s check out some examples.

List all installed PowerShell modules on your computer

The below command will list all installed modules. This does not mean they are loaded into your PowerShell session but are installed and available.

Get-Module -ListAvailable
List all installed PowerShell Modules

List only loaded PowerShell Modules

There are very few modules loaded by default in your current session. Run the command below to view modules loaded in current session.

List modules in current sessions

Search for installed PowerShell Modules

The list of installed modules can be a lot to look at. You can use the where-object filter to search for a specific name (wildcard search). In this example, I’m looking for the exchange module so I search on the keyword “Exchange”

get-module -ListAvailable | Where-object {$_.Name -like '*Exchange*'}
Search installed Modules

Now it shows me only the modules that have the name “Exchange” in them. This is really helpful when you don’t know the full name of the module, you can search for a keyword. In this case, the full module name is “ExchangeOnlineManagement”.

How to Load a PowerShell Module

Now that you know how to list all installed modules and find modules by keyword let’s look at loading a module.

I’m going to load the ExchangeOnlineManagement module with the command below.

Import-Module -Name ExchangeOnlineManagement

When you load a module and run get-module you will now see that listed in the current session.

In the screenshot above you can now see the “ExchangeOnlineManagement” module loaded.

View Module Install Path

There will be multiple paths PowerShell modules are installed.

$env:PSModulePath -split ';'   

I hope you enjoyed this short how to guide on how to get a list of installed PowerShell Modules. Post your questions below.

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