Active Directory LDAP Field Mappings

This page provides a mapping of common Active Directory fields to its LDAP attribute name. 

When using Active Directory users and computers you will see the Microsoft provided friendly names. Under the hood of Active Directory these fields are actually using an ldap attribute. You can see the ldap attribute name in the attribute editor. 

When working with scripts or creating a program you will need to use the ldap attribute name. 

This page provides a visual reference of the ldap field mappings in Active Directory. In addition, I created a table view for a quick reference. 

General Tab

Address Tab

Account Tab

Profile Tab

Telephones Tab

Organization Tab

LDAP Mappings Table View

TAB Active Directory Field LDAP Attribute
General First Name givenName
General Initials initials
General Last name sn
General Display name displayName
General Description description
General Office telephoneNumber
General Telephone number telephoneNumber
General E-mail mail
General Web page wWWHomePage
Address Street streetAddress
Address P.O Box postOfficeBox
Address City l
Address State/province St
Address Zip/Postal Code postalCode
Address County/region co
Account User logon name userPrincipalName
Account user logon name (pre-Windows 200) sAMAccountName
Profile Profile path profilePath
Profile Logon script scriptPath
Profile Local path homeDirectory
Profile Connect homeDrive
Telephones Home homePhone
Telephones Pager pager
Telephones Mobile Mobile
Telephones Fax facsimileTelephoneNumber
Telephones IP Phone ipPhone
Organization Job Title title
Organization Department department
Organization Company company
Organization Manager manager
Organization Direct Reports directreports

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