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365 Cleanup Tool

The 365 Cleanup Tool finds inactive users and computers in your Microsoft 365 tenant. It will also find inactive guest accounts, disabled and empty groups.

This tool gets 365 users last sign in date from the lastSignInDateTime property.


  • A P1 or P2 license is required to read the lastSignInDateTime property.

Find Inactive 365 User Accounts

Step 1. Select Time Period

By default, the tool will find inactive 365 users with no sign in activity in the last 90 days. Click the Time button to change this if needed.

Step 2. Click Run

Click the run button to list the inactive accounts. Review the Last Sign in Date Time column.

Step 3. Export the report

Click the export button to export the report to CSV, Excel or PDF.

Find Inactive 365 Devices

To find inactive devices select Inactive Devices, the time period and click run.