365 Pro Toolkit User Guide

Update 365 Users

This page contains the requirements and steps on how to bulk update Microsoft 365 user accounts using the 365 Pro Toolkit. This tool uses a csv template to bulk update accounts in a 365 tenant.


  • UserPrincipalName – This column is required in the template and is used to identify the accounts to update.
  • Cloud Users only – This tool is for update cloud users only; it will not update on-prem synced accounts. To update on-prem accounts refer to the AD Pro Toolkit.
  • Support Attributes – Refer to the list of user attributes that are included in the template.


Step 1. Download and modify template

Click on “Download CSV template” to download the included CSV template.

Open the template and add the user information. In this example, I’m going to update the phone numbers, city, company, department and display name for several users.

Save the template and move to step 2.

Step 2. Select Template and Run

To start the update click browse and select your CSV template. Then click the run button.

Supported Attributes:

Below are the fields included in the template. If you need more fields, please contact support.

User Field (Column Header)Example ValueDescription
UserPrincipalNametest.user@activedirectorypro.comUser Principal Name field
accountEnabledTRUEEnable or disable the account. (TRUE or FALSE).
BusinessPhone1-888-214-3802Business phone field (Contact Information)
CitySpringfieldCity field (Contact information)
CompanyNameActive Directory ProCompany name field (Job Information)
CountryUSCountry or region field (Contact information)
DepartmentITDepartment field (Job Information)
DispayNameTest UserThe users display name (Identity)
EmployeeID123Employee ID field (Job Information)
FaxNumber1-888-214-3802Fa Number field (Contact information)
FirstNameTestThe users first name (Identity)
JobTitleIT ManaagerThe users job title (Job information)
LastNameUserThe users last name (Identity)
Manageruser2@activedirectorypro.comThe users manager, must be in UPN format.
mailtest.user@activedirectorypro.comThe users Email address.
MobilePhone1-888-214-3802Mobile phone field (contact)
OfficeLocation4the floorOff location field (Job information)
PostalCode65802Zip or postal code (contact information)
StreetAddress1234 W. EagleCrest LNStreet address field (Contact Information)
StateMOState or province field (Contact information)