How to Create a NAT Switch on Hyper-V

In this guide, you will learn how to create a Hyper-V switch that uses NAT for network access.

NAT will provide virtual machines access to network resources (internet access) using the host computers network adapter.

For this guide, I’ll use the below network settings. When the configuration is complete the VMs on the network will use the Hyper-V Host IP for accessing the internet.

Step 1: Create an Internal Virtual Switch

Open PowerShell and run the below command. Change “SWITCHNAME” to whatever you want to name your switch, I’ve called mine “nat-switch”.

New-VMSwitch -Name SWITCHNAME -SwitchType Internal

Step 2: Get the Interface Index Number (ifIndex)

Next, you need to find the index number of the virtual switch created in step 1. Run the below command.


My index number is 28, you will probably have a different number than mine.

Step 3: Configure NAT Gateway

I have my VMs configured on the network. I’m going to use the 1st address of this network for the gateway. The gateway will be used n your VMs so they can send traffic outside of their network.

New-NetIPAddress –IPAddress -PrefixLength 24 -InterfaceIndex 28

Step 4: Configure NAT Network

Now configure the network you want to NAT. Again I want to NAT the network. You can name anything you like, I named mine “Nat-Switch-Outside”.

New-NetNat -Name Nat-Switch-Outside -InternalIPInterfaceAddressPrefix

Step 5: Configure VM with New Virtual Switch

In Hyper-v you can now change your VMs to use the new virtual switch.

Step 6: VM Network Settings

Now configure your VM with an IP address from the network configured in step 4. In my case, this is the network.

I’ll give my VM the IP and the gateway (step 3).

Now your hyper-v VMs will use NAT when accessing a different network. The diagram below is an example of how NAT works. All of the VMs on my network will use the Hyper-V host physical Adapter when accessing the internet.

View NAT Settings

To view existing NAT settings run the below command.


View Hyper-V Virtual Switches

Run this command to view your Hyper-V virtual switch.


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