Release Notes

Release notes for the Active Directory Pro Toolkit

1.7.7 (4-18-2024)

  • AD Cleanup Tool – Fixed an issue with some objects not deleting.

1.7.6 (4-17-2024)

  • Add contact support to the group members report.

1.7.5 (4-17-2024)

  • Cleanup Tool – Added a delete button
  • Nested Tree Group Report Loop crash fixed.
  • Nested Tree Group highlight top row if loop is detected
  • Update Import/Update Tool UI
  • Changed manager attribute to samaccountname for reports.

1.7.4 (4-9-2024)

  • New group member reports (Replaces the group membership tool)
    • User Groups – Get a list of groups a user is a member of.
    • Group Members report – Get the members of one or more groups.
    • Nested Groups – List of groups that are members of another group.
    • Nested Groups Tree View – Tree view hierarchy of nested groups.
  • Schedular Updates
    • Added user groups and group members .
    • Fixed bug with local admin report when saving to csv.
    • Custom attributes now work with the schedular.
  • Fixed sorting issue with numberofmembers column.

1.7.3 (3-20-2024)

  • Added GPO reports to schedular
  • Added csv select to local admin report schedular.

1.7.2 (3-18-2024)

  • Built-in container – This has been added to the browse OU option.
  • memberOf value – Changed this the group name instead of the DN for all reports.
  • manager value – Changed this to the managers name instead of the DN for all reports.

1.7.1 (3-17-2024)

  • Schedular save to file option
    • Added an option to overwrite existing file or create a new file.
  • Updated schedular frequency page.
  • Bulk User Updater ID column change – removed the requirement for an ID column. If you want to use a different attribute, just click the options button and select the attribute. You no longer need to change one of the csv columns to ID.
  • Bulk user Updater schedular – Fixed so it now supports selecting options such as the ID column and account options.

1.7.0 (2-16-2024)

  • New Reports
    • Users SID – Displays username, displayName and users SID
    • Users who never changed their password
    • Single User Details – Displays information for a single account
  • Local Admin Report
    • Removed the line that had a blank member name
    • Added the distinguishedName column
  • Bulk user Updater Account Options issues – Change password at next logon and password never expires were not working. These have been fixed.
  • Issue when FIPS system cryptography was enabled. This was a Windows policy settings that if enabled was causing some issues with the toolkit. This has been fixed. This policy can be enabled and the toolkit will now work.
  • User password last set date report – This report now includes passwords that have never been changed (it will show never for the value).

1.6.6 (2-1-2024)

  • Scheduler reports 0 objects when selecting a single group. This has been resolved.

1.6.5 (1-31-2024)

  • Added members column to group reports. This will show the members of each group in one line.

1.6.2 (12-23-2023)

  • Group Membership nested groups issue – Fixed a bug reporting nested groups from a trusted domain.
  • userCannotChangePassword is empty – This column can now be added to all user reports.
  • whenChanged sort incorrectly – This has been fixed.

1.6.1 (12-15-2023)

  • Added “Octect String” data type to the custom attributes

1.6.0 (12-15-2023)

  1. Custom Attributes – You can now add custom attributes to the toolkit. Click on Settings -> Custom Attributes
  2. Import Users issue – The Code was missing a condition for “userPrincipalName” field. This gave the error “The given key was not present in the dictionary. This has been fixed.
  3. Local Admin Report Scheduler – A credential issue was sending a blank or failed report. This has been fixed.
  4. Menu Change – Moved tools and report categories to their own child page.

1.5.1 (12-5-2023)

  1. Authentication issues – The version change from 1.4.52 to 1.5.0 failed to read a config file properly and affected the authentication settings page. This has been fixed.

1.5.0 (12-4-2023)

  1. Removed duplicate status attribute
  2. Fixed passwordExpireDate attribute for the AD Cleanup Tool
  3. Added “Password Never Expires” option to Bulk User Updater
  4. Fixed scheduler issue (2016 server only)

1.4.52 (11-18-2023)

1. Update Group Membership – Simplified this tool by adding two options “Add” or “Remove”. If you are added users or groups you only need to select Add.

2. Create Groups – Removed the mail attribute as a required field (it is now optional).

3. Import Users – Fixed extra space added after name attribute

4. AD ACL Scanner – New Tool added (Required Site license)

5. Added a new LAPS password report to support the new LAPS version. There is now two laps reports:

  • LAPS Passwords
  • LAPS passwords (Legacy)

6. Group with no members report – Excluded groups Domain Users, Domain Computers, Domain Controllers, and Domain Guests as they will always contain members. These are special groups and report their membership differently.

7. AD Cleanup Tool – Fixed issue with the custom range not showing the correct timestamp.

8. GPO Reports Issue – Minor code fix that affected sometimes reported the number of GPOs incorrectly.

1.4.49 (10-27-2023)

1. UI Updates – Completed the UI update to the following tools.

  • Update Group Membership
  • Firewall Status
  • NTFS permissions
  • Group membership report
  • Computer Uptime
  • Export Users

2. Import Users

Added this tool to the scheduler

1.4.48 (10-23-2023)

1. Delete Users Tool

Added the option to delete users from a CSV file.

2. mailNickname

Added this attribute to the attribute picker and user bulk updater tool

3. Local Admin Report

Added the option to select CSV file.

1.4.46 (10-14-2023)

1. Fixed Scheduler issues

  • Weekly reports were running daily, this has been fixed
  • Users with expired password reports were returning nullable object. Fixed

2. AD Cleanup Tool

Updated the UI

3. Lockout Troubleshooter

This tool was collecting event 4776, it has now been removed.

4. Browse OU and groups

Re-coded the browse OU and groups function as it continued to have various issues.

5. Import Groups Tool

Updated UI and added support for the mail attribute

6. Update Users Tool

Updated Icons

7. Added Contacts Report

Add a report to show all contacts. it is listed under users -> General

8. Computer Uptime

Added description fields as a default

9. Bulk Update User

Added ID column. You can now choose from multiple attributes to identify accounts.

10. GPO Reports

Move the run and cancel buttons to the left.

11. Import Users

Updated icons

12. New Report – Users that are not members of a specific group

13. Local Admins Report

Added this tool to the scheduler.

1.4.45 (10-5-2023)

1. UI Update

All management tools have been moved into a single page and organized into groups. The list of tools was getting long and difficult to find, this should make it easier to find the various tools.

click to enlarge.

2. New Tool – Password Reset & Unlock

This tool lets you reset account passwords and unlock accounts.

3. New Tool – Move Users

This tool lets you search and select multiple accounts to move to another OU.

4. New Tool – Copy User Group Membership

This tool lets you copy one user’s group membership to another user.

5. New Tool – Local certificate report

This tool will get locally installed certificated from the following stores: Personal, Trusted Certification Authorities, and Trusted Publishers.

6. Bug Fix Local Admin Report

Selecting an OU does not seem to work, it would scan all computers even when selecting an OU. This has been fixed.


  • Copy Group Membership (new tool) – This new tool lets you easily copy a user’s group membership from one to another user.
  • Updated Side Menu – grouped the tools for easier access.
  • Added DepartmentNumber to the attribute picker.


  • Updated page design for the following tools: AD Cleanup, group management, group membership report, and local admin report.
  • Width decreased issue. Some tools had a display issue when the width was decreased, this has been fixed.


  • Users with expired password – The report was giving a null error, this has been fixed.
  • Import groups – This tool would not import groups with special characters (pre windows 2000 group name). This was fixed by auto removing the characters from the samaccountname.

1.4.40 (9-12-2023)

  • Added info attribute to attribute picker
  • Moved log files to the help page
  • Updated design of Health Monitor Tool
  • Password Recently changed report – Added the ability to select individual users.

1.4.39 (9-1-2023)

  • AD Health Monitor – This tool would give the error “Unhandled Thread Exception” on server 2016. This bug has been fixed.

1.4.38 (8-25-2023)

  1. Authentication Issues – The app domain settings were ignoring the selecting domain controller. The app was using the domain controller that the computer/user authenticated to. This has been fixed. The app will now connect to the DC that you have selected from the domain settings picker.
  2. Browse OU & Groups performance issues – In large environments, it was taking minutes for the list of OUs and groups to fully load. The discovered issue was the app would query the entire domain tree when clicking the browse button. This has been changed to only query a single level at a time.
  3. Group membership report – The tool was reporting inconsistently. For example, it would return 10 results. Run it again it might return 9 results. This has been resolved.

1.4.37 (8-14-2023)

  1. Copy and paste grid results – You can copy the results from the grid and paste them outside of the toolkit. For example, run a report and copy the results, and paste them into a csv/excel file.
  2. Task Schedule Changes
    • Add email recipient per task. – You can now enter the email recipient on each individual task.
    • Add multiple email recipients – You can now enter multiple recipients per task.
    • Updates GUI – The task schedule GUI has been updated.
  3. Changed trial version message at the bottom right corner to color red

1.4.36 (8-7-2023)

  1. Group membership Report – Added support for contacts
    • To include contacts click filters and select “Include Contacts”.
  2. Group Membership report – Added support for child domains
    • If the groups contain objects from child domains the tool will now show those members.
  3. Local Admins Report – Added support for child domains.
  4. Domain Settings – Added support for child domains
    • You can now easily switch to other domains by selecting the domain and DC under domain settings.

1.4.35 (7-26-2023)

  • WhenChanged and WhenCreated Time fixed – Changed from UTC time to local time for all reports., User Bulk Updater tool.
  • User Bulk Updater – Updated the UI and proxyaddress options.

1.4.34 (7-19-2023)

  • Import users – Changed the format of the import options popup.
  • All groups report – Added distinguishedName as a default column

1.4.33 (7-15-2023)

  • Health Check Schedule – The scheduler was providing inaccurate reports. This has been resolved.
  • Scheduler broke – This was due to some updates with the reports in version 1.4.32. This has been resolved.
  • Changed auto updater – Software will check for new updates during startup. If there is a new update a popup message will be displayed.

1.4.32 (7-10-2023)

  • Last Logon Report – Updated page and included a time filter.
  • Users required to change their password in x days – Updated report
  • Users that changed their password in x days – Update report
  • Bad password attempts in x days – Updated report
  • Users created in x days – report updated
  • Users modified in x days – report updated

1.4.30 (6-21-2023)

  • Change sidebar menu
  • Removed Top bar and mini ribbon bar (all menu options are now in the sidebar menu)
  • Health Monitor Tool – Changed the grid to include the error message.
  • NTFS Permissions Tool – There was an issue exporting large results. The issue was due to the image in the type column, the image has been removed.

Screenshot of menu changes in version 1.4.30.

1.4.27 (6-9-2023)

  • Local Admin Reporter – Fixed issue with duplicate accounts being displayed.

1.4.26 (6-7-2023)

  • Added case sensitivity to grid results for the export tool. You must go into settings and enable it.
  • Local Admins Report – Added additional attributes per customer request
  • Firewall Status Tool – This is a new tool that will check the firewall status and rules on remote computers.

1.4.24 (5-22-2023)

  • Group membership report tool crash – fixed
  • Local Admins Report Tool – Added support for nested groups

1.4.23 (5-14-2023)

  • Group reports added to the scheduler
  • Fixed issue with deleting users with leaf objects.
  • Bulk User Updater Tool – Add support for msExchMailboxGuid attribute
  • Added group column to Admins with old passwords report
  • Fixed Password Never Expires report column.

1.4.22 (5-5-2023)

  • Fixed memory usage issue with the ADToolkitService.exe Windows Service.
  • Check for updates – Toolkit will now check for updates when starting. You can choose to upgrade or cancel the upgrade.
  • Added tool to delete users from CSV.
  • Added computer reports to the scheduler.

1.4.20 (4-27-2023)

  • Export to CSV encoding changed to UTF-8
  • User Export tool – Changed proxyAddresses separator from semicolon to a coma.
  • Added column to schedular – This allows you to change the columns when using the scheduler.
  • AD Health Monitor – Added event logs to the export.

1.4.19 (3-20-2023)

  • Email settings – Fixed a bug when selecting None for Authentication Type.

1.4.18 (3-20-2023)

  • Fixed UAC prompt issue
  • Fixed an issue with the scheduler not displaying the status for failures.

1.4.17 (3-15-2023)

  • Added account options to bulk user updater
    • Change password at next logon
    • User cannot change password
    • Account Status

1.4.16 (3-6-2023)

  • Updated group management template
  • User Import – Fixed the import option “Name: LastName, FirstName” when the middle initial is included in the csv template.
    • Format with middle initial -> Warner, Mark i.
  • Added attributes “ms-Mcs-AdmPwd” and “ms-Mcs-AdmPwdExpirationTime” to computer reports
  • Service Accounts Report tool – If using the Fine Services Running As option sometimes computers would report unable to connect. This has been resolved.

1.4.15 (3-5-2023)

  • Updated the Import OU & Group templates
  • Added all user reports to the scheduler. First, select the category then the report.


  • Update existing proxyAddress fixed – The bulk updater tool was incorrectly updating existing proxyAddresses, this has been fixed.
  • NTFS Permissions Reporter – It was not reporting the ApliesTo correctly, this has been fixed.
  • Group Import Tool – The SamAccountName was being named incorrectly, this has been fixed.


  • Export Users Tool – Modified the default attributes to include OU, memberof, and userPrincipalName.
  • Changed the sidebar menu order
  • Scheduler – Changed weeks on wording to “Days of the Week”
  • Change the Mail Settings icon color
  • Scheduler – Removed the option of recur 0 days. This was causing an issue when set.
  • Users with home directory report fixed
  • Added Imports OU Tool
  • Added Import Groups Tools

1.4.12 (2-24-2023)

  • Scheduler Changes –
    • Added health check monitor
    • Added several user reports to the scheduler
  • Display issue with User Import & Group Management – When the screen was maximized the top boxes would expand too big.

1.4.11 (2-18-2023)

  • User Bulk Import & Updater – Fixed issue processing the built in CSV templates.
  • Search Issue – The search option under multiple tools was randomly causing the app to crash. This has been fixed.
  • Scheduler Changes:
    • Changed this to a wizard to better support multiple tools.
    • Added some user reports – More coming soon
    • Added email support – You can now schedule email reports. None, Basic and Oauth authenticate types supported.


  • UAC support added

1.4.9 (1-25-2023)

  • Fixed documentation link
  • Fixed CSV Header CheatSheet link
  • Added domain users to user export and group report tools. (The domain user group was filtered out in previous versions)

1.4.8 (1-19-2023)

  • License expiration issue – There was a configuration issue that caused the toolkit to expire after 30 days. This has been resolved.
  • Schedular limited to 10 objects. – This was due to the service not being able to access the license file. To resolve this the license file has been moved to the ProgramData folder.
  • Schedular time issue – Run time and next run time were not running on scheduled time. This has been resolved.
  • Health Monitor Report issue – When two domain controllers are selected the 2nd DC failed report was not clickable. This has been resolved.
  • Health Monitor event log changes – Changed grid layout, added Event ID and logs can now be searched.
  • User export tool samaccountname – This attribute has been added as a default attribute.
  • Reports – Users – Locked Users – This report was not working, it has been resolved.
  • AD Cleanup Move Window – When clicking the move button the pop up window now matches the style of the other pop up windows.
  • Select OU or Group Field – On any tool that has the Select OU or Group field you can now manually enter the distinguishedName path. You can still click browse but for very large environments the browse option may be too slow.
  • Log File Page – Changed the log file page to open the logs files in notepad. Also, added a download button. It was becoming difficult to try and log every error and also display them in a grid, it was requiring constant tweaks to be made. The log file is easy to read and will make support much easier.

Just click the button and the log file will open in notepad.

1.4.6 (12-29-2022)

  • Added logging for task schedular – Logging for the task schedular is adtoolkitservice.log file in folder C:\ProgramData\ActiveDirectoryPro\AD Pro Toolkit\Logs.
  • Added 8 security reports. Reports -> Security
  • User bulk Updater – Set the tool to ignore the distinguishedName column if present in the CSV. This column is not needed when updating accounts and will cause the tool to log errors.

1.4.5 (12-26-2022)

  • Added task schedular for User Bulk Updater – The user bulk updater can now run on a schedule. See the documentation for more details.

1.4.4 (12-20-2022)

  • User Export Tool – Changed the memberOf format to display the group name instead of distinguishedName.
  • User Bulk Updater Tool – You can now bulk update group membership by adding the memberof column. Add multiple groups by separating them with a comma.
  • Group Management Tool – Changed this tool to the memberof format.
  • Note: The three above changes are so the memberof is in the same format for all tools. You can now export group membership using the “User Export Tool” and use the same csv to update group membership with the “Bulk User Updater Tool”.
  • Bug Fixes
    • User Bulk Updater would crash if the tool was selected from the top menu. This has been resolved.

1.4.3 (12-18-2022)

  • Enhancements
    1. Added the msExchHideFromAddressLists attribute. You can now export this attribute and bulk update it.

1.4.2 (12-13-2022)

  • Enhancements
    1. Added 18 group policy reports
    2. Fixed log format issue with bulk import tool.

1.4 (12-1-2022)

  • Enhancements:
    1. Updated GUI Interface
    2. Added over 200 Active Directory Reports
  • Requires a license file to be activated. The license file will be emailed to you when the purchase is complete.
Screenshot of version 1.4. Updated interface and added reports.

1.3.20 (10-8-2022)

  • Bug Fixes:
    1. When exporting a CSV it did not show existing files, this is now fixed.
    2. The OU list was random at times, resolved.
    3. Group reports search option was broken, resolved.
    4. ProxyAddresses now export with a comma.
  • Enhancements:
    1. Columns now auto adjust the width.
    2. User Bulk Updater – By popular request, you can now update existing user’s proxyAddresses. See the video below for details.
YouTube video

1.3.19 (9-11-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    1. User Export Tool – Fixed an issue with proxyaddresses not displaying if the account had a single address.
  • Enhancements
    1. Bulk Importer – Creates home folder if set in the CSV.
    2. Logs moved to a bottom window. This will make it easier to view the logs while the tools are running.
    3. Added progress bar to bottom left. This will display when a tool is running.
    4. NTFS Report – Performance improvement, this tool runs 100x times faster now.
    5. Bulk importer and updater will detect incorrectly formatted CSV. Some countries default to a semicolon for CSV delimiter, this formats the csv incorrectly. You will get a popup message if detected.

1.3.18 (7-30-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    1. NTFS Permissions – Tree view was not showing all subfolders – this has been fixed.
  • Enhancements
    1. NTFS Permissions – Color-coded directory rights and added icons to the type column.

1.3.17 (7-21-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    1. Local Admin Report – Was not displaying accounts that had a . in the name, this has been fixed.
  • Enhancements
    1. Renamed Local Group Management to Local Admin Report
    2. Local Admin Report Tool – Filters on local administrator group by default.
    3. Uptime Tool – Added status for computers that do not connect
    4. UI changes – Moved search options under search area instead of actions.
    5. Added “Open Log Folder” to the log manager. This will make quick access to the log file.
    6. AD Cleanup tool – removed $ from computer displayname

1.3.16 (7-8-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    1. NTFS Permissions Report – No results when folder owner shows as SID, this has been fixed.
  • Enhancements
    1. Added employeetype attribute to Attribute Selector
    2. Added search to the following tools: AD Cleanup, User Export, Local Group Management, Last Logon Report, Uptime, and Service Accounts Report.
    3. Added initials to name for Bulk Import tool
    4. The bulk updater can now run on a schedule.

5. New tool (Service Accounts Report) – Get a list of scheduled tasks and running services from remote computers.

1.3.15 (5-1-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    • Group Membership Report – Fixed issue with status always showing running when selecting an empty group or OU
    • Browse OU or Group – When browsing for an OU or group you could edit the object type. This has been disabled.
    • Fixed display issues with last Logon report and AD Health Monitor
    • The active tool would not remain highlighed when clicking on the right screen, this is fixed and the active tool remains highlighted.
  • Enhancements
    • Added search option to group membership report.
    • Added event logs to AD Health Monitor tool. This will collect the warnings, errors and critical events from the Application, Security, System, Active Directory Web Services, Directory Services and DNS event logs for the past 24 hours.

New search option for group membership report. This will let you search for groups on keywords.

1.3.14 (4-18-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    • AD Cleanup Tool disable button was not working, this has been fixed.
    • Group Membership report tool was missing group from the objectclass column, fixed.
  • Enhancements
    • Added OU path to user export tool

1.3.13 (3-19-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    • Bulk import now supports DN name for memberOf. This fixes an issue with exporting and importing users.
    • NTFS permissions grid view export was blank. This has been fixed.
    • Sorting issues have been resolved with all tools.
  • Enhancements
    • Added several new user fields to the AD Cleanup, User Export, Group Membership Report and last logon reporter.
    • New attribute selector interface for the AD Cleanup, User Export, Group Membership Report and last logon reporter tools.
    • Auto saves user attribute selections
New attribute selector in version 1.3.13

1.3.12 (2-8-2022)

  • Bug Fixes
    • AD Health Monitor – DNS was reporting incorrectly, this has been fixed
    • AD Health Monitor – Clicking on a failed service only showed 1 domain controller, it has been fixed to show the error port for multiple DCs.
  • Enhancements
    • Added computers to the group membership report
    • Modified the GUI on the AD health Monitor tool to make it easier to use. Also added an export button to export the report.

1.3.10 (1-1-2021)

  • Bug Fixes
    • AD Health Monitor – Fixed issue with tool running commands on form load. Also, added a popup message if settings are not configurd.
    • AD Health Monitor – Due to recent windows updates Windows 2012 server will need WMF 5.1 installed for this tool to work correctly. This is a Microsoft driver that can be download on this page.
    • Bulk Updater – Fixed issue with no updating telephoneNumber attribute with leading 0. The updater will now updater the telephoneNumber when the number starts with a 0.
  • Enhancements
    • AD Cleanup Tool – increased no logons to display up to 365 days (it was limited to 100 days)

1.3.7 (11-14-2021)

  • Bug Fixes
    • Scroll issue resolved with unlock tool
    • Fixed cancel button with last logon report tool
    • Fixed lockout time with unlock tool
    • Fixed speed issue with unlock tool
  • Enhancements
    • Added new tool “Local Group Management” – this tool will inventory group membership on remote computers. This is a great way to find who has local administrator rights
    • Added field to Last Logon Report to show users that have no logon history
    • Modified the advanced search for the user unlock tool to display multiple events from the domain controllers to help find the source of account lockouts. This works much faster and provides more information on bad authentication attempts and lockouts.
    • Added additional fields to the NTFS tool
    • AD Health Monitor can now be ran from a remote computer that has the RSAT tool installed. Previous versions required the tools to be installed on the domain controller. You can now run it on a Windows 10 or other remote computer.

1.3.4 (10-8-2021)

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed display issue with the domain connection info in ribbon menu
    • Fixed last logon reporter not working running as a 2nd administrator
    • Fixed application crash with new browser for OU items
    • Fixed AD Health Monitor dcdiag detect issue
  • Enhancements
    • Moved actions for group membership update tool
    • Small GUI change for the bulk import, updater and group updater to make them more consistent
    • Add popup notification to health monitor tool
    • Changed searched scope options for AD cleanup, user export, group report and last logon tool.

1.3.1 (9-18-2021)

  • Enhancements
    • Add domain connection info to ribbon menu
    • Update desktop icon
    • Added advanced and fast search option to user unlock tool
    • Added icons to AD Cleanup tool action buttons
    • Add running indicator to all screens
    • Change isEnabled column to status for AD Cleanup tool
    • Fixed last logon report date
    • Added pop up notfication for missing fields and adds to log
    • Fix table when adding additional fields