PowerShell: Connect to Office 365 (Step by Step Guide)

Table of contents: Install required PowerShell Modules Connect to Office 365 with powerShell List PowerShell module commands Example Office 365 Powershell commands Step 1: Install Required PowerShell Modules Before you can connect to Office 365 you first need to install the required modules. Unfortunately, Microsoft is now recommending you install two modules to manage Office … Read more

Create Active Directory Security Groups with PowerShell

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to create single and bulk Active Directory security groups with PowerShell. I will provide examples and a script for creating bulk groups from a CSV file. New-ADGroup cmdlet The New-ADGroup cmdelet is the command used to create Active Directory groups. I won’t cover all of the … Read more

3 Best IP Address Management (IPAM) Solutions

Are you looking for the best IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions? Then you’re in the right place. IPAM is a tool that manages and monitors your IP addresses on the network. Most enterprise IPAM solutions also integrate with your DNS and DHCP servers to provide a single console for managing IP services.  Years ago I … Read more

How to Add Users to Active Directory Groups

In this guide, I will show you how to add users to Active Directory security groups using PowerShell, ADUC, and by using the Bulk Group Management Tool. I will provide you with examples of adding a single user and multiple users to groups.  Example 1: Add a Single User to a Group using PowerShell Example … Read more