Active Directory Bulk User Creation Tool

Import new Active Directory users from a CSV with this easy to use GUI tool. Add users to security groups and set multiple users attributes.

Key Features

Bulk import accounts into Active Directory

Bulk import 10, 100, 1000, or any number you want of Active Directory user accounts. Just fill the CSV template and the GUI tool will import all the user accounts.

Add users to groups

Do you need to add users to a security group? No problem! The bulk creation tool can add users to single or multiple Active Directory groups during the import process. This saves a lot of work when creating new user accounts.

Compatible with AD Bulk User Export

You can use the bulk user export tool to export users and then take that CSV and import it with this tool. This can be used to help with migrating users to a new domain.

Set multiple ProxyAddresses, employeeID and more

The template already includes support for additional attributes that are not supported by the PowerShell new-aduser command.

Set multiple user account properties

A huge list of user attributes is supported allowing you to set user account details in the CSV file for creation. See below for a full list of attributes.

CSV template included

A CSV template is included that has 33 user attributes, these are the most commonly used. Just fill out the fields you and the accounts will be created with these details. Add additional attributes as needed.

Easy to use no scripting required

The bulk use creation tool is very easy to use. No scripting or coding is required. It takes just 2 simple steps. 1. Fill out CSV, 2. Import CSV with the GUI tool.

Save hours of work

Manually creating Active Directory user accounts can be very time-consuming. The bulk user creation tool will save you time and reduce your workload by automating the user creation process.


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Used by thousands of organizations worldwide

“The bulk import tool has saved me a lot of time. We create new students accounts each semester and this tool makes it very easy.

Joe Reaves
Network Administrator

“Works great! Thanks for creating this tool it saves us countless hours.

Mary Barnett
Sr. System Administrator

“This tool has made it easy for our IT staff to provision new user accounts. Support has been great for when we had questions and needed features added. ”

Dan Jessen
Director of IT Operations

Simplify & Automate AD User Provisioning

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