Active Directory Bulk
User Creation Tool

Bulk import Active Directory users from CSV with
this easy-to-use tool.

  • Save Hours of Time
  • Bulk Import users
  • Includes CSV template

Key Features

Here are the advantages of using the bulk import tool.

Save Hours of Time

Easily mass import user accounts directly in Active Directory to avoid hours of manual work.

Bulk Update Accounts

Do you need to bulk update user accounts? No problem the bulk importer can also modify existing user accounts.

Powerful Integrations

Integrates with other AD Pro tools to streamline your Active Directory management.

Migrate Users

Easily export users from one domain and import them into a new domain or server

No Scripting Required

No scripting is required to create mass users. The GUI tool is fast and easy to use.

Add Users to Groups

Add users to single or multiple AD groups during the import process to stay on top of access permissions.

Simple Automation

Bulk import accounts in two clicks (seriously) to make repetitive manual work a thing of the past.

Includes CSV Template

The CSV template includes 30 of the most common user account fields. You can add more if needed.

“Amazing Software! We utilize the bulk import tool for importing and updating new students. It saved hours of manual updating and was very easy to use. ”

Anthony Gannon – Systems Administrator

How Does it Work?

The AD Bulk import is very easy to use. Here are the steps to bulk import new user accounts.

Step 1: Fill out the CSV Template

Download the provided import template. See the above video or the administrator guide for details on what to include the in CSV file.

Step 2: Import New User Accounts

Next, select the CSV file, select your import options and click run. The software will create new user accounts from your CSV file.

Review Logs

When the import is complete, click the logs button to review the import logs.

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