NTFS Permissions Report Tool

Quickly analyze and audit Windows NTFS folder permissions with this easy-to-use GUI tool

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Analyze File Share Permissions

The NTFS Permissions reporting tool is designed to scan Windows shared folders and provide an easy-to-read report of folder permissions. Securing shared folders is critical to ensure your data is not accessed by unauthorized individuals or bad actors.

  • Fast & Accurate File share permission reports
  • Very easy to use
  • Scan all folders or enter a folder depth
  • Scan local or shared folders
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Audit NTFS Folder Permissions

Auditing NTFS folder permissions is critical to maintaining the security of your data. With the AD Pro Toolkit, you can create security and compliance reports on local and shared Windows folders.

  • Security compliance reports
  • Document folder permissions
  • Reduce unauthorized access
  • Safeguard sensitive data
  • Regularly audit NTFS folder permissions
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Find Insecure Folder Permissions

With the NTFS Permissions Tool, you can quickly filter and find insecure folder permissions. Filter by Directory Rights and you can quickly find accounts that have Full Control, Create Files, Modify access, and more. In addition, use the account column to limit the results to specific accounts.

  • Find everyone group permissions
  • Find folders that have Full Control access
  • Filter by specific permissions type
  • Filter by user account
  • Find specific user groups and permissions
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Active Directory Permissions Report

Need to know who in Active Directory has permissions to what? The AD Pro Toolkit includes various reports to help you Analyze the permissions in Active Directory.

  • Delegated Permissions Report (ACL Scanner)
  • User folder permissions report
  • Group membership report
  • Find users that have local admin rights
  • List users that can change passwords
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Search and Filter NTFS Permissions

All reports can be filtered and searched. Looking for a specific group or user? Looking for a specific permissions type? No problem use the filter editor to create very specific filters for finding the data you need.

  • Filter by Directory Name
  • Filter for specific users and groups
  • Filter by permissions type (Allow or Deny)
  • Create multiple condition filters
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Export Reports to CSV, Excel or PDF

All permissions reports can easily be exported by clicking the export button.

  • Export to CSV
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PDF
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Other features

Below are additional features included in the AD Pro Toolkit.

AD ACL Scanner

Audit Active Directory delegated permissions.

AD Cleanup Tool

Find inactive users and computer accounts in Active Directory. Cleanup and secure your AD domain.

Bulk User Update Tool

Bulk update user account attributes. Easily make mass changes to multiple user accounts at once.

Active Directory Reports

Over 200 Active Directory reports on users, computers, groups, and security.

Local Admin Report

Scan remote computers and find users that have local administrator rights on their devices.

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