Window NTFS Permissions Reporting Tool

Key Features

  • Instantly report and export NTFS folder permissions
  • local or network shared folders
  • See who has rights to what

Key Features

Audit and report NTFS folder permissions. Report on parent folder and subfolders. You can specify how many subfolder levels to include in the report. 

Built with Powershell, no coding required. 

Identify Active Directory users or groups that have rights to folders. Great for backing up folder permissions or as a reference during file migrations. 

The report can be exported to CSV or HTML. 

How Does it Work?

NTFS Permissions tool is very easy to use. It requires no installation and only requires two simple steps to run.

Step 1: Click Run

To start just open the tool and click the run button.

Step 2: Type in folder path to run NTFS report

To view a folder NTFS permissions type this command.: replace \\server\path with a local folder or a remote share.

Get-FolderPermissions -path \\server\path

For this example, I'll do a remote share

This will display the report in the console

To export the report to csv instead of displaying to the console run this command. Change the path to whatever you want.

Get-FolderPermissions -path \\server\path | export-csv -path c:\path\folder-permissions.csv

Now you have a csv file you can open with excel that will have all the NTFS permissions stored in it.

Example 2:
Report Subfolder NTFS Permissions

By default, this tool will report on all parent folders in the path you specify.  You can use the -depth parameter to include subfolders in the report. To view the parent folder and one subfolder deep use this command

get-folderpermission -depth 1 -path \\server\path

In the screenshot below you can see the tool now reports the parent folder and any subfolder 1 level deep. In this example, the accounting folder had two subfolders included in the report.

Just increase the depth number to report on more subfolders.

get-folderpermission -depth 2 -path \\server\path

In the screenshot above you can see the report now includes the parent folder and two subfolders deep.

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