NTFS Permissions Reporting Tool

Quickly generate an NTFS permissions report on your Windows systems.

  • Find insecure folders
  • Export folder permissions to csv
  • Minimize security risks


Get Active Directory user’s permissions

See what Active Directory groups and users have permissions to what. You can use the filter to remove local permissions and just display permissions from Active Directory.

Get local or remote folder permissions

Brose and select a folder on the local computer or type in a UNC path to check permissions. The tool will return results in a tree structure making it easy to view results.

Ensure compliance and security

Auditors often require proof that users only have locked down permissions. This tool provides a quick report to provide proof of what users have access to.

Get sub-folder permissions

Use the folder depth option to specify how many folders deep you want to report on. The results are displayed in a tree format making it easy to view only the folder you want in the report.

Export to CSV

Export the report to CSV for further analysis, backups, reporting, compliance, and so on. Managers and auditors often need a report showing who has access to folders.

Minimize security risk

Out of control folder/share permissions can increase the risk of ransomware and data leakage. Use this tool to easily check permissions and help find insecure folder settings.


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