Window NTFS Permissions Reporting Tool

Get NTFS folder permissions and see who has permissions to what.

Key Features

  • Report and export NTFS folder permissions
  • Report on local or network shared folders
  • See who has rights to what

Key Features

Permissions Report

Audit and report NTFS folder permissions. Report on parent folder and subfolders. You can specify how many subfolder levels to include in the report.

Export Reports

The NTFS permission report can be exported to CSV or HTML for further analysis or for backup and archiving of permissions.

Backup Folder Permissions

This tool is great for backing up folder permissions. The backup report can be used for migrating permissions to a new server, auditing and more.

How Does it Work?

Follow these steps to run the NTFS Permissions Tool

Step 1: Select Folder Path

Type in a folder path or click the browse button to select a folder. This can be a local folder or a UNC path.


The depth option allows you to specify how many subfolder levels to report on. By default (depth 0) will report on the first level of subfolders. Increase this number to your desired depth.

Now, click run.


When the report is done you can sort on any of the columns. The report will display the folder name, the group/user who has permissions, what type of permissions and if the permissions are inherited.


Export Report

To export the NTFS permission report, set the path, select your export option "Export to CSV" or "Export to HTML". Click the browse button to choose a file name and save location.

Then click run.