Active Directory Bulk User Updater

Mass update Active Directory user account properties with this easy to use GUI tool. Bulk update AD user fields.

  • Save hours of work
  • Bulk update user accounts
  • No coding or scripting required

Key Features

Mass update Active Directory Users

Mass update or remove user account properties with this easy to use GUI tool. Update single or multiple attributes all at once, update the title, state, manager, employee id, and much much more.

Includes CSV template

A CSV template is included that includes 32 of the most commonly used user account fields. Just fill out the fields you want to update, the rest can be left blank. You can also add additional fields to the template.

Bulk update proxyaddresses

The bulk update tool supports updating or removing the proxyaddresses field. You can also set the primary SMTP addresses for users.

Update group membership

Included is the bulk group management tool that allows you to mass add or remove users to groups.

Save hours of work

Updating Active Directory user account properties is a common task. If you have many accounts to update this can be very time consuming. This tool saves you hours of manual work.

Bulk update passwords

Do you need to bulk update user’s passwords? This task is very easy to do with the bulk updater tool. Just fill out the CSV with the username to update and the password and run the CSV. Very easy for quick bulk password resets.

No coding or scripting required

This GUI tool requires no coding or scripting to make it work. It takes 2 simple steps to run, 1. Fill out the CSV file, 2. Open the tool and select the CSV, then click run.

Scheduled task

By popular demand, this tool can be run as a scheduled task. This allows you to automate updating accounts on a set schedule.


Generate CSV Template

Simplify User Account Management and Save Time

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