Active Directory Bulk User Update Tool

The AD bulk user update tool makes it easy to modify, change or remove multiple Active Directory users attributes.

Key Features

  • Easy to use no scripting experience required
  • Bulk modify multiple attributes at once
  • Update, change or remove bulk user attributes
  • Use CSV to bulk update different attributes for different users
Active Directory User Bulk Modification tool

Easy to Use, Impressive Results

The most powerful and easiest to use bulk user modification tool in the world.

Update Single or Multiple Users Attributes

Bulk update any Active Directory attribute: office, email, street, city, state, home folder, job title, department, company, manager, employee id, employee number and more

Update, Modify or Remove Attributes in Bulk

Not only can you modify and update bulk attributes you can also remove attributes. By using a CSV it allows you to target different attributes for each user. It's a huge time saver.

Simple GUI Interface, NO Scripting required

With the easy to use interface, you can get started right away. Scripting changes to Active Directory can get complicated, this program requires no scripting experience.

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