Active Directory User Export Tool

The easy way to export all Active Directory Users, users from an organizational unit or all group members


Export all Users

  • Export all Active Directory Users
  • Export all Users from an Organizational Unit
  • Export all Active Directory Group Members

List of Attributes

Below is a list of attributes included in the export. You can choose to export them all or uncheck the ones you don't want.

Display Name
First Name
Last Name
Telephone Number
Street Address
PO Box
Job Title
Proxy Address
When Created
User Principal Name
Mobile Phone
UAC Flag
UAC Decimal
Employee ID
Employee Number

You can see in the video and screenshot that the tool is built with ease of use in mind. The simple interface makes it very easy to export user accounts from Active Directory.

Sample Export

How Does it Work?

The AD User Export tool is built with PowerShell and requires no installation or coding.

Export All Active Directory Users to CSV

Step 1: Open Tool

To open the GUI just click on the ADUserExport.bat file

Click to enlarge

Step 2: Export All Users

The default export is "Export All Users" so click the browse button to select a location to save the file.


You can choose any location to save the export, in this example I will save it to my desktop.


When checking the "Open File on Completion" box the file will open when the export is completed.

Now click the export button to export all users.


The tool will display completed in the lower-left corner when it is done.

Below is a sample export

Click to enlarge sample export
Click to enlarge sample export

To export users from an organizational unit just select the option "Export from OU"

To export members from a group select "Export from Group"

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