Active Directory User Export Tool

Quickly export Active Directory user accounts to CSV with this easy to use PowerShell tool.

Key Features:

  • Quickly export all user accounts
  • Export all users from an organizational unit (OU)
  • Export all users from a group

The Features You Get with AD User Export

You can choose to export all users in the domain, all users from an organizational unit or all users from a security group. 

Export includes the following user attributes: First Name, Last Name, initials, displayname, office, telephone number, email, street, PO Box, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Mobile Phone, Job Title, Department, Company and Manager. You can modify this to export the exact attributes you need. 

No Powershell experience is required. The tool is ready to run in any environment without any coding, saving you valuable time. 

The script can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can add or remove user attributes to get the exact export you need. 

Export defaults to CSV, this can easily be changed to export to HTML

AD User Export can be configured to run as a scheduled task. Saving you time 

How Does it Work?

Follow these simple steps to run the AD user export tool.

Step 1: Open Tool

Right-click the downloaded file "Export-ADUser.ps1" and click edit. This will open the tool with the built in PowerShell ISE application.


Step 2: Click Run

The tool should now be open with PowerShell ISE, now just click the run button.


Step 3: Type Export-ADUser

In the console script pane type the following command to export all users in the domain.


That's it. Easy Right?

The tool will run and prompt you for a location to save the CSV file.

Export All Users from Organizational Unit (OU)

Step 1: Type Export-ADOU in the Script Pane

Step 2: Choose Save Location

You can choose any location and filename you like.

Step 3: Select OU to Export

You will be provided a list of all the OUs in your domain. Select the one you want to export and click ok.  If you have a large number of OUs you can use the filter box to narrow the list down.

Export Group Members to CSV

Step 1: Type Export-ADGroup into the script pane


Step 2: Choose the save location for CSV

Step 3: Select the group to export.