Active Directory User Export Tool

The AD User Export Tool will easily export user accounts to CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

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Export All AD User Accounts

Easily export all domain users and user account properties with a click of a button.

  • Click on Export Users from the management tools page.
  • Click run to get all domain users.
  • To add or remove user properties (attributes) click the columns button.
  • Click Run
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Export Users from an OU

With the AD User Export Tool, you can easily export users from a specific OU or multiple OUs.

  • Click the browse button
  • Select one or multiple OUs
  • Click run
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Export Users from Groups

Extract the user data from your Active Directory groups with these steps.

  • Click browse and select the group
  • Click run
  • Click the export button

For detailed group reports check out the AD Group Management Tool that is also included with the AD Pro Toolkit.

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Export All User Attributes

The user export tool makes it easy to export all user account details. Easily add or remote user attributes using the GUI based attribute picker.

  • Add or remove user attributes
  • Arrange the columns
  • Request custom attributes
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Automated User Reports

Get a CSV file or user accounts emailed to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Click on the scheduler
  • Click add to create a schedule
  • Run reports daily, weekly, or monthly

The AD Pro Toolkit includes over 200 built-in reports.

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Export to CSV, Excel or PDF

All user reports can easily be exported to CSV, Excel, or PDF file format. Reports can also be easily filtered and sorted in the grid results.

  • Click export in the top right
  • Select your file format
  • Click the columns to sort and filter
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Other features

Below are additional features included in the AD Pro Toolkit.

Bulk User Import

Quickly provision new user accounts by bulk importing from a CSV template.

AD Cleanup Tool

Find inactive users and computer accounts in Active Directory. Cleanup and secure your AD domain.

Bulk User Update Tool

Bulk update user account attributes. Easily make mass changes to multiple user accounts at once.

NTFS Permissions Report

Scan and audit the NTFS permissions on local and shared folders.

Local Admin Report

Scan remote computers and find users that have local administrator rights on their devices.

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