AD User Export Tool

Export all Active Directory User Accounts to CSV with this easy to use GUI tool. Just select your search criteria and click the run button.

Export all domain users

Export all users from an OU

Add/remove user properties


Export all users

It’s very easy to export all users with this GUI tool. Just select the root domain folder path and click the run button. You can change columns or use the default settings.

Export users from organizational units

This is the same as all users and groups, just pick your path to export and click run.

Easy to use, no scripting required

This easy to use GUI tool required no coding or scripts. This saves you lots of time by not having to update or change complicated scripts.

Export users from groups

Select the groups you want to export and click run. If you want to add additional user fields just select the column picker and add or remove any columns you wish.

Add or remove user fields

The column picker lets you add or remove user fields so you can get the export information exactly how you need it. Includes group membership.

Works with the bulk import and update tool

You can use the export from this tool with the bulk import and update tool.


Main screen
CSV Export example
Export options
Add or remove a column
Choosing a group

Easy to use, Impressive Results

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