Active Directory Group Management Tool

Simplify Active Directory group management with this easy-to-use GUI tool.

Bulk add or remove users to groups

Group membership reports

Export and Import new security groups

Find nested groups

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All Features:

  • Easy to use GUI Tool
  • Bulk add users to groups
  • Bulk remove users to groups
  • Create groups
  • Copy User group membership
  • Report group membership
  • Export to CSV, Excel or PDF
  • Automated reports


  • You will need permission to modify security groups in Active Directory

How to Use the AD Group Management Tool

To bulk add or remove users to groups follow these steps.

Step 1

Click on Update Group Membership from the management tools page.

Step 2

Download and modify the CSV template.

The CSV contains two columns:

  • sAMAccountName = This is the account or group that you want to update.
  • memberof = This is the target group(s) that you want to add or remove from.
  • Two modify multiple groups, separate them with a comma (see example below).

Here is an example CSV.

In the above example, test.user1 will be added to group1 and group2.

test.user2 will be added to group1, group2 and group 3.

When you have the CSV template ready move to step 3.

Step 3

Select options (default is Add Users to Groups).

Step 4

Select your CSV file and click run.

Review the log output for any errors.

Group Membership Report

To report on user’s group membership click on the “Group Membership Report”.

Click “Run” to report on all users and groups or click Browse to select an OU or group.

Create Groups

To bulk create new security groups follow these steps.

1. Click on Create Groups from the management tools page.

2. Download the included CSV template

3. Modify the template

The template includes the following group attributes:

  • Name
  • distinguishedName = This is the location where the new groups will be created.
  • groupCategory
  • groupScope
  • description
  • mail

Example CSV template for importing new groups.

4. Select the template and click run

When you have your template filled out click on Select Template and then click Run to start the import.

Review the logs for any import issues.

Now check Active Directory to verify the groups imported.

Copy User Groups

This tool will copy a users group membership from one user to another.

1. Click on Copy User Groups from the management tools page.

2. Select the source account

The source account is the user that you want to copy its group membership to another user.

Click browse to select the account (You will get a search box).

3. Select the destination account

Now select the account that you want to copy the source accounts groups to.

4. Click run

Now if I look at the two users member of tab the users will be members of the same groups.

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