Active Directory Health Check Tool

Check the health of your domain controllers with this easy-to-use GUI Tool.

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Scan All Domain Controllers

The AD Health Check Tool will 20 diagnostics tests on each domain controller. Each diagnostic test will return a pass or a fail. To run a health check follow these steps.

  • Click on “Select Domain Controller” and select your DCs
  • Choose test options and click “Run”.
  • Review the results or export the report.
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Diagnose Domain Controller Issues

Domain controllers have many services that are critical to Active Directory. With the AD Pro Toolkit, you can monitor these services and dependencies to help diagnose issues.

  • Check replication errors
  • File Replication Services
  • KDC
  • Netlogon
  • DNS Server
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Schedule Automated Health Checks

With the built in task schedular, you can run automated health checks on your domain controllers. Get daily, weekly, or monthly email reports on the health of your Active Directory

  • Click on Scheduler
  • Click Add
  • Select “AD Health Monitor”
  • Select the schedule and test options
  • Requires configuring email settings
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Review Critical Events Logs

Collect critical event logs from each domain controller to help spot issues or potential issues. This option will get the critical and warning event log types from the past 24 hours on select DCs.

  • Click on “Test Options”
  • Select “Include event logs”
  • Click run
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Run Comprehensive Tests

By default, the AD Health Check Tool will run 20 diagnostic tests. To run a more comprehensive test click on options and select “Comprehensive”. Comprehensive test includes:

  • CheckSecurityError
  • CutoffServers
  • DNS
  • OutboundSecureChannels
  • Topology
  • VerifyEnterpriseReferences
  • VerifyReplicas
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Easily Review Failed DC Tests

For any failed test, click on “View Log File” to view more details. For example, the replications test is showing it failed. When I open the log file it shows that inbound replication is disabled. This is why replications are failing.

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Other features

Below are additional features included in the AD Pro Toolkit.

AD ACL Scanner

Audit Active Directory delegated permissions.

AD Cleanup Tool

Find inactive users and computer accounts in Active Directory. Cleanup and secure your AD domain.

Bulk User Update Tool

Bulk update user account attributes. Easily make mass changes to multiple user accounts at once.

NTFS Permissions Report

Scan and audit the NTFS permissions on local and shared folders.

Local Admin Report

Scan remote computers and find users that have local administrator rights on their devices.