Computer Uptime Last Boot Report Tool

Check the last boot time on single or multiple computers from Active Directory

Get the uptime on remote computers

Get the uptime on local computers

Report on all computers or computers from an organizational unit

Easy to use, no scripting required



Get last boot time on all computers

I created this tool because I would often need to check if multiple computers had rebooted for various reasons such as receiving updates.

Export report

Need to provide a report to management or co-workers? No problem you can export the uptime report by clicking on the export button.

Ensure systems are rebooted

I use this tool monthly to check that all my servers have rebooted after maintenance. Someone on the team would always forget to reboot a server and this tool makes it easy for anyone to check the reboot status.

Check all computers or from an OU

If you don’t need to check the uptime on all computers you can select to just report on computers from a single organizational unit.

Easy to use no scripting required

The simple graphical interface makes this tool very easy to use. Just select your options and click the run button.

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