Active Directory User Unlock Tool

Quickly find and unlock user accounts, reset passwords and troubleshoot account lockouts

  • Find the source of locked accounts
  • Quickly unlock user accounts
  • Easy to use


Quickly find all locked user accounts

Unlocking user accounts is a common call to the helpdesk. This tool makes it easy for staff to find, unlock and reset passwords when users call.

Find lockout source

Sometimes you deal with accounts that keep getting locked out but don’t know what is causing it. This tool will pull the logs from the domain controller and display the source computer.

Save hours of work

The built-in Microsoft tools do not provide the most efficient way for handling locked accounts. This tool makes it incredibly simple to unlock and reset passwords when a user calls the support line.

Reset Passwords

The reset password feature included options for randomly creating passwords or manually entering passwords. Also, includes the option for user must change the password at the next logon.

Secure Active Directory

Running this tool on a regular basis will help to increase security and help your organization stay in compliance. Quickly find those unused accounts disable, export, or move them.

Easy to use

With a simple graphic interface, the user unlock tool is very easy to use.


Find Locked Users
Reset Password
Find Source of Account Lockouts
Filter lockout events

Quickly Resolve Account Lockout Issues

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