Active Directory Management Tools

A collection of Active Directory Tools that help you simplify and automate administrative tasks.

Get the last logon time for all users and export to CSV or HTML. Last logon information is stored in Active Directory but is difficult to report. This tool makes it easy.

This tool will query each domain controller and report back the true last logon date. You can report on a single user, all users from an OU or all users in the domain.


The AD bulk user creation tool lets you create new Active Directory users from a CSV file.

It comes with a CSV template, you just fill out the user details and click create.

You can choose to add users to groups, add to an OU, change password at next logon, enable or disable and so on.


Bulk update existing Active Directory Accounts.

You can bulk update attributes like the phone number, manager, employee id, department, address and so on?

The tool comes with a CSV template that includes the most common user attributes, you can add more attributes if needed.


With one click you can display all locked user accounts and unlock them. This tool is a huge time saver for staff that deals with user lockouts.

Additional features include password reset, check account status, display detailed information such as bad password count, account lockout time and the source computer.

Displaying the source computer of the lockout can help track down those repeated account lockouts.


Active Directory Pro Toolkit

Huge savings if you buy the pro toolkit. Normally a single tool is $49 each, you can get all 10 tools for only $99

The AD User export tool makes it easy to export users from Active Directory. You can choose to export all users, all users from an organizational unit or members from a security group.

Each export includes several user attributes such as last name, sAmAccountName, office, street, PO box, company, manager and more.

The Active Directory Cleanup tool finds obsolete computers, groups and user accounts. Accounts can then be moved to another OU, disabled or exported to CSV.

This is a must have tool for anyone that has an Active Directory environment. Stale Active Directory accounts can lead to big security threats and compliance issues.


The bulk group management tool makes it easy to manage Active Directory group membership.

With this tool you can quickly bulk add or bulk remove users to Active Directory groups.

I'v had to bulk update group membership for many organizations and this little tool has saved me hours and hours of time


The Group membership report tool allows you to report on all groups and group membership. You can choose to report on all groups, single group or all groups from an OU.

You can also get the group membership for a single user.

Results can be sorted in the grid view or exported to CSV. Great tool for reporting, migration or backing up group members.


The uptime tool lets you check the last boot and uptime of remote computers.

You can check the uptime on a single computer or multiple computers by selecting an organizational unit. The report can be exported to CSV or HTML.


Need a report of who has permissions to what folders?

NTFS Permissions Reporter displays the NTFS permissions on folders and sub folders, the folder can be local or a remote UNC path.

By default, it will display permissions for the first level of folders, you can choose to specify how many folders deep to report.


Bonus: PowerShell Reports

Included with the Active Directory Pro Toolkit is a collection of PowerShell reports for Users, Groups, Computers and more. These reports can help you quickly report on any object in Active Directory. Report on users from an OU, get a report of computers by OS, group membership report and much more. These pre-built scripts can be easily modified to fit your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

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Yes, I have a trial version for the tools below. These are limited versions that only work for a few user accounts.

  • AD Last Logon Reporter
  • Bulk User Update

Active Directory Pro Toolkit

Huge savings if you buy the pro toolkit. Normally a single tool is $49 each, you can get all 10 tools for only $99