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The Active Directory Pro Toolkit is a collection of tools to simplify and automate Active Directory Management.

AD Pro Toolkit Last Updated: 9-3-2021
Version 1.2.8

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Bulk User Updater

Mass update user accounts properties. Include CSV template for easy setup.

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Bulk User Import

Bulk import new user accounts from CSV. Add users to groups and much more.

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AD Cleanup Tool

Find stale user and computer accounts. Bulk disable or move to another OU.

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User Export

Export all users from the domain, OU or all users from a group. Export to CSV.

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Group Membership reporter

Export all groups and group membership including nested groups.

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User Unlock Tool

Find all locked users with a single click. Unlock or reset all passwords.

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AD Health Monitor

Check and monitor the health of your domain controllers.

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Last Logon reporter

Get a report of all AD user’s real last logon time.

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Group Membership Updater

Bulk add or remove users to Active Directory groups.

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NTFS Permissions Tool

Get NTFS folder permissions for local and Active Directory users and groups.

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PowerShell AD Reports

A collection of over 200+ AD reports on users, computers, OUs, and more.

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Release Notes

1.3.1 (9-18-2021)

  • Enhancements
    • Add domain connection info to ribbon menu
    • Updated desktop icon
    • Added advanced and fast search option to user unlock tool
    • Add icons to AD cleanup tool action buttons
    • Add running indicator to all screens
    • Change isEnabled column to status for AD Cleanup tool
    • Fixed last logon report date
    • Added pop up notification to bulk import and updater if missing required fields
    • Fix table when adding additional fields