Active Directory Management Tools

A collection of Active Directory Tools that help you simplify and automate AD management tasks.

Get the last logon time for all users and export to CSV or HTML. Last logon information is stored in Active Directory but is difficult to report. This tool makes it easy.

Need to bulk update user account attributes like office, phone number, manager, employee id, department, address and so on? Update, remove or modify attributes with ease.

Export all user accounts, all users from an OU or users from a group. The export includes 18 user attributes, this can be modified to export the exact user fields you need.

AD Cleanup finds obsolete computers, groups and user accounts. You can move obsolete accounts to another OU or disable them, Helps keep AD secure and tidy.

Bulk remove or add users to Active Directory groups from a CSV file. This is the fastest way to modify group membership.

This tool exports all Active Directory groups and their members.

Server uptime allows you to get the uptime on a single computer or all computers from an OU. Report can be exported to CSV or HTML.  This is the fastest way to check the uptime on multiple remote computers.

Need a report of who has permissions to a folder? Get folder permissions displays the NTFS permissions on folders, you can specify how many subfolder to report on.

AD User Lockout Tool

Quickly find locked user accounts and unlocked them. This tool will also report the source of the lockout.

Key Benefits

Save Time

The ADPro Toolset helps you save time by simplifying many routine administration tasks.

Lifetime Updates

Each tool you purchase comes with FREE lifetime updates and enhancements. Our team can also help you customize and add new features to the tools.

Easy to use

Each tool is very easy to use. Because they are built with Powershell, no install is required.


All tools are built with PowerShell. This makes them lightweight, requires no setup or installation and they can be customized to fit your exact needs.