AD Pro Toolkit Reviews & Testimonials:

“The AD Toolkit was invaluable during our recent merger. We had to combine two different AD domains and migrate over 400 user accounts to a new domain. The Cleanup Tool and the Bulk User Export Tools were a godsend during that time. I use the Uptime Tool and Last Login Report Tool at least once a week. I also still run the Cleanup Tool at least once a month. I will continue to use these tools frequently and I look forward to more to come.”

Melchizedek Cherry
Director of Technology
KIPP NC Public Schools

“We purchased Active Directory Pro mainly to help locate where users were getting locked out from, but it has evolved into a HUGE user tool where we can find out information on account logins, computer logins, unlocking tools, AD cleanup(my favorite) and being able to export groups easier. The AD Cleanup tool showed me accounts that had not logged into the system for whatever amount of days, and we were able to deactivate them instantly. Using it to look at computer accounts helped us to true-up our deployments and inventory and eventually budgeting. The entire package is a great tool and great value and you will definitely have more than a few “wow” moments when you use it.”

Robert Ross
IT Systems Admin
Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

“We were rebuilding our AD infrastructure from scratch and totally built a new domain and needed to migrate AD data out from the old domain and into the new domain.  We used the Active Directory Pro tools to do this and it worked very well.  We have also used the toolset to import in additional fields so that we can get extra user information imported into AD in bulk.  We probably use the toolset every couple of weeks for different AD tasks.  It just makes working in AD easier than doing it manually or with Powershell.”

Tim Bramham
Manager of IT and IM
KFL&A Public Health

“AD Pro Toolkit is a key component of our MSP/MSSP and IT Assurance practices. It consolidates a number of key reports and queries into an easy-to-use interface, provides a great health checkup for multi domain controller environments to identify replication, orphaned DC, and other common issues, and the included PowerShell scripts are great examples showing both how AD Pro Toolkit works and demonstrating key components of the AD PowerShell module for system administrators and technical staff.”

Christopher White
Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP

“I used the tool to import and update users when moving to a new domain. That saved me a lot of time. Easy to use. Very good guide.”

Dietmar Dollnig
DD IT-Consult

“I have used this tool for creating NTFS reports for our users. This helps us to maintain our compliance requirements and keeps our security teams focusing on more pressing issues. The last logon report is also very valuable for the same reasons.”

Phil Montalbano
Network Manager
Mitsubishi Chemical Carbon Fiber and Composites

“My company recently went through a Gmail to Office 365 migration. The AD Pro toolkit proved to be invaluable when setting up the legacy AD environment to create the hybrid model required to move and create accounts into Azure AD. Creating new user accounts, distribution lists and global groups was a piece of cake with AD Pro. It saved hours of manual updating and was easy to use.”

Matt Carley
Director of IT
The Masiello Group

“What I like about AD Pro is the amount of time it saves me when adding and removing large amounts of users every year.”

Lee Howell
IT Directory
York Preparatory Academy

“Amazing software! We allocate several days to the management of our student cohorts at the start of each academic year. Microsoft AD is our source-of-truth and links to our partners via SSO – they include Adobe, Google, and SENTRAL. As such, our source-of-truth needs to be perfect! We utilize the tools in Active Directory Pro for importing new students, setting credentials, and managing attributes which saves a “ton” of time. A great product and we’re absolutely ‘stoked’!”

IT Manager
Irfan College

“I think the AD Pro Toolkit is a great tool. The tools for user group extraction, bulk extraction and Last logon I use a lot. I can highly recommend the tools.”

Leon van Iersel
System Engineer
UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands

“Very easy to use, great GUI interface. Allows me to pull reports quickly.”

John Klotz
IT Manager – Infrastructure Operations
Asplundh Tree Experts

” I have found the tools within the toolkit very useful over the years that I have used this application… I have saved a lot of time with this product which I was then able to use elsewhere in my job tasks… I would recommend this product in a heartbeat, since it is a great tool to have in anyone’s bag of tricks..”

Jeff Van Gilson
Sr Systems Engineer