We developed the AD Pro Toolkit to simplify and automate the management of Active Directory. Our set of Active Directory Tools provides quick and easy solutions to some of the most common Active Directory Administrative tasks. Below are some of our popular solutions that our customers love.

Secure and Cleanup Active Directory

The Active Directory Cleanup Tool simplifies the process of finding stale accounts in Active Directory. This is an important administrative task to help secure and keep AD clean.

The AD Cleanup tool solutions include:

Check the Health of Active Directory

The Active Directory health check tool will scan your domain controllers and provide a pass or fail on various checks. Your domain controllers are critical for the authentication and authorization to network resources.

Scan the following domain controller services and dependencies:

  • Advertising
  • CheckSDRefDom
  • Connectivity
  • DNS
  • SysVolCheck
  • KccEvent
  • Replications
  • RidManager
  • VerifyReplicas
  • and more

Import New User Accounts

The Active Directory User Creation tool simplifies the process of creating new user accounts. Creating new user accounts is one of the most common tasks an Administrator can do. The AD User creation tool simplifies this process by importing new accounts from a CSV file. This way you can import accounts and set multiple user fields at once.

  • Create 1 or 100s of accounts at once
  • Add users to groups during the import process
  • Set user attributes during the import process
  • Require password change at next logon
  • Set proxyAddresses
  • Set account address details
  • Set the manager for each account
  • Set organization details
  • Set profile details such as profile path and logon script

Bulk User Management

Do you need to bulk modify user accounts such as modify user properties or update group membership? The User Bulk Updater tool is one of out most popular tools allowing you to update multiple users at once.

Generate User Reports

The toolkit includes multiple tools for creating user reports. You can easily export all user accounts and selected user fields or choose from the large list of built-in reports.

  • Export all users
  • Add or remove from over 30 user attributes
  • Report on all users proxyaddresses
  • Get all users address information
  • Report on all enabled or disabled users
  • Get all users with a manager or no manager
  • Users created in the last 7, 30, or 60 days
  • Export report to CSV, excel, or pdf.
  • Get all users groups
  • Over 200 built in Active Directory Reports

Troubleshoot Account Lockouts

The user unlock tool will display all locked user accounts and quickly unlock them or reset their passwords. This is a common task the helpdesk must do on a daily basis. This tool provides a quick solution to finding locked accounts and unlocking them. In addition, you can display the source of the lockout.

  • Unlock all user accounts
  • Display the source of account lockouts
  • Display lockout time
  • Get event ID 4771
  • Get Password last set date
  • Get last logon time
  • Source IP or computer of the lockout

AD Group Management Solutions

The AD Pro Toolkit includes tools to manage group membership and report on groups and membership. The AD Group Management Tool allows you to easily bulk add or remove users to groups. In addition, the built-in group reports can generate a report on all domain groups.

  • Bulk add users to groups
  • Bulk remove users from groups
  • Report on users group membership
  • Export all groups and their members to CSV
  • Find nested groups
  • Report on all domain groups by type
  • Report on recently modified groups
  • Report on recently created groups
  • Display the source of account lockouts

Comprehensive Active Directory Reports

The AD Pro Toolkit includes over 200 built in reports. Choose from the user, computers, group policy, OUs, or security reporting category. Easily create reports for auditing, management, or other needs. Below is a short list of some of the built in reports.

  • Recently created users
  • Recently modified users
  • Report admins with old passwords
  • Report on the built-in privileged groups
  • Get LAPS passwords
  • SID history
  • Bulk remove users from groups
  • Report on users group membership
  • Export all groups and their members to CSV
  • Find nested groups
  • Report on all domain groups by type
  • Report on recently modified groups

Active Directory Password Management

Reset user passwords, set user must change password at next logon, report on bad password attempts, and set other user account options.

  • Set passwords to never expire
  • Report users with expired passwords
  • Report admins with old passwords
  • Get LAPS passwords
  • User must change the password at next logon
  • Get bad password attempts
  • Users that recently changed their password
  • Users that don’t require a password
  • Users that require a password change in next 7 days

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