Service Accounts Report Tool

Easily find all Windows services and scheduled tasks on computers and servers

Key Features

Save Hours of Time

Scan any number of computers or servers to automatically find windows services and scheduled tasks. You can limit results to specific accounts.

Find Running Tasks

Scan your computers to see what scheduled tasks are configured and running on your computers.

No Scripting Required

This easy-to-use GUI tool required no coding or scripts. This saves you lots of time by not having to update or change complicated scripts.

Find Service Accounts

Service accounts can be a security risk as they often have their passwords set to never expire. Scan computers to find service accounts in your domain.

Find Specific Accounts

Looking for a specific account that is being used for a service or task? No problem, enter the account name and the tool will scan for a specific account.

Export Results

Export the list of results to a CSV file.

How Does it Work?

The Service Accounts Report tool is very easy to use.

Step 1: Select Search Options

Select which computers to scan. You can select the entire domain or a specific OU or group.

You can also limit the results to a specific service account.

You can also choose to limit the results to only display scheduled tasks or Windows Services only. The default will scan for both.

Step 2: Click Run

Click the run button at the top to start scanning.

You can click the “change columns” button to add or remove columns to the report.

Sort and Filter

You can click on any column to filter the results. You can also right-click to access various filtering options.

Search For a Specific Account

To find a scheduled task or service running under a specific account type the account name in the “Find Services Running As” box and click run.

In this example, I scanned all computers for any services or scheduled tasks running as the account “robert.allen”.

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