PowerShell Snippet Manager

Save, organize and run your PowerShell code snippets and scripts.

Key Features:

  • Manage and run code from a single console
  • Quickly search and filter snippets
  • Includes a huge snippet library for Active Directory
  • Add snippets to favorites for quick access

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PowerShell Snippet Manager Features


The PowerShell snippet manager makes it easy to organize and run your PowerShell code.

  • Manage and run code snippets all from a single console
  • Quickly search the library for code snippets
  • Create and modify snippets
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PowerShell Library

The snippet manager includes a huge list of Active Directory PowerShell snippets. These are pre-built snippets for reporting on AD users, computers, groups, group policy, and more. You can also add your own separate snippet library or just add to the existing library.


Is there a code snippet that you use frequently?

  • Add code snippets to your favorite list
  • Quick access to all your favorites with the favorite tab
  • Huge time saver

Search Snippets

Filter snippets by keyword with the filter function. For example, say you want to find snippets that have the word user in them, just enter *user and the snippet library automatically filters the results.


With the built-in editor, the snippet manager makes it easy to create and modify PowerShell scripts and code snippets.

Active Directory PowerShell Library

Below is a list of scripts and code snippets that is included with the PowerShell Snippet Manager


Active Directory Cleanup.ps1

Find old user and computer accounts

AD User Export.ps1

Export all Active Directory users to a csv file

Bulk Group Management.ps1

Bulk add or remove users to Active Directory Groups

Bulk User Updater.ps1

Bulk update user account properties

Group Report.ps1

Gets all active directory groups, its members, and user properties.

Last Logon Reporter.ps1

Gets the last logon date for each user account in Active Directory.

NTFS Permission Reporter.ps1

Get NTFS folder permissions on local or remote network shares.

Uptime Tool.ps1

Gets the uptime from a single computer or all computers from an OU.

User Unlock.ps1

Finds all locked users and display accounts in a grid view. Select one or multiple accounts to unlock.

Bulk User Creation.ps1

Create bulk Active Directory User accounts, import from CSV

Create Bulk Computer Accounts.ps1

Create bulk Active Directory Computer accounts, import from CSV

Create Bulk OUs.ps1

Create bulk organizational units, import from CSV

Create Bulk AD Groups.ps1

Create Bulk Active Directory groups, import from CSV

Bulk Password Reset.ps1

Bulk reset Active Directory user account passwords using a CSV.

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