Find objects in Active Directory Part 1

This is a two part series that covers finding objects in Active Directory.  This first article walks through finding common objects like users and computers.

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1. Click the find icon

Using Active Directory Users and Computers click the find Icon

2. Select the object type

In the find drop down select the object type you want to search for.

3. Select container

Click the browse button to select a container to search in. I always select Entire Directory when searching for objects. I find this much faster than trying to narrow it down to a specific container. This works in small to medium size environments however, if you have a large Active Directory environment you will want to narrow your search.

4. Enter keywords to search

In the fields provided (depending on what object you selected) enter the keywords you want to search and click the Find Now button. In my example, I’m looking for all the users that have Smith in their name. I entered smith in the Name: field and clicked the Find Now button.

Example 2

In this second example, I’m searching for all Organizational Units that start with the letters “mar”. I select Organizational Units in the Find Box, enter “mar” in the Name: field and click Find Now. My search returned the Marketing Organizational Unit.


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