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Windows Server DNS Zones Explained

In this guide, I’ll provide a quick overview of the different DNS Zone types for Windows Server and Active Directory. This will help you better understand and manage DNS and Active Directory. DNS Zones store DNS resource record information. Some common DNS records include: A Record: Name to IP address mapping CNAME: Maps an alias…

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Backup and Restore Windows DHCP Server

In this tutorial, you will learn how to backup and restore Windows DHCP server using the DHCP console and PowerShell. Have you ever experienced a DHCP server crash or failure?  All is calm until devices start rebooting. Users will complain that they can’t access email, the internet stops working and their apps no longer work.  That’s…

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How to use Nslookup to check DNS Records

Test DNS records with NSlookup

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to use the Nslookup command to check DNS records. You’ll also learn how Nslookup can be used to troubleshoot DNS issues. I walk through the exact steps and provide several Nslookup examples. And in this post, I’ll show you my tips for troubleshooting DNS. Let’s get started!…

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