Bulk Update Active Directory Groups

Easily, add or remove multiple users into Active Directory groups from a CSV file

Key Features

  • Bulk add users to Active Directory Groups from CSV
  • Bulk remove users to Active Directory Groups from CSV
  • Update multiple groups at once

Features Overview

Add Users

Quickly add multiple users into one or multiple Active Directory groups from a CSV file.

Remove Users

With a CSV file you can easily remove multiple users from Active Directory groups.

Reduce Workload

Manually updated groups is very time-consuming. This tool saves you time by automating this routine task.

How Does it Work?

Following these simple steps to bulk add users to groups.

Step 1: Setup CSV file

Open the included csv template and add the user account to the user column and the group you want to add them to into the group column. Save the file on your local computer.


Step 2: Open App

Open the tool with the Windows built in PowerShell ISE app and click the run button


In the console pane type Add-BulkUserGroup and hit enter

Bulk add users to security groups

You will be prompted for the CSV file you created in step 1


When you click open the tool will run and process the CSV file.

You are done.

It takes only 2 simple steps to bulk update users group memberships with this tool

Now I'll check one of the groups and verify the users are added.


How to Bulk Remove users from Active Directory Groups

The setup is the same as adding users.

Just setup the CSV file with a list of user names and the groups you want to remove them from.

When you have the CSV file setup run the command


Select the CSV file and you are done.

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