Administrator Guide
Group Membership Report Tool


The Group Membership Report Tool is for reporting and exporting user’s group membership. You can report and export from the entire domain, an OU, or a group.

System Requirements

  • No special permissions are required
  • The tool can be run on a client OS or server.

Video Tutorial

How to Guide

Step 1: Select search path

You can choose to export from the entire domain or select an OU or group.

In this example, I’m going to run it for the entire domain. If you choose to “select OU or Group” you will get a popup window to select what you want to report on. You can select multiple objects.

Step 2: Click Run

Now click the run button

When it is done running the results will be in the group report table.

If you are good with the results you can go ahead and click the export button.

By default, 49 attributes are selected to export. You can click the “Change Columns” button to add/remove columns.

Step 3: Export

Click the export button, select format, and click “Export All Rows”


You can use the built in filtering and sorting options to quickly analyze and display specific data. Just right click on any column to see the filtering options.

For example, I’ll right click on the group column and select “Group By This Column”

This groups all the users under the group they are a member of. You can then expand any group to see who is a member of the group.

To quickly find all nested groups group by the “structuralObjectClass” column. Then expand the group grouping.

This is a quick an easy way to display all nested groups in the domain. You can see the IT_Folders group is a member of the “IT_Local” group.


If you run into any issues or need to ask a question you can contact us via our contact page.

You can also send us any additional features you would like to see added.