Administrator Guide
Bulk Group Management Tool


The Bulk Group Management tool is used to bulk add or remove users to Active Directory Security Groups. You can bulk update single or multiple groups at once.


  • Bulk Add/Remove users to Active Directory Groups
  • Bulk Add/Remove groups to groups

System Requirments

  • You will need permissions to modify Active Directory groups
  • The tool can be ran from Windows Client or server operating system.

How to Guide

Step 1: Generate CSV Template

In the top menu click on “Group Update” to create the CSV template.

You can save and name the CSV template to whatever you want. Just make sure you save it as a CSV file.

Now fill out the CSV file.

To fill out the form you add the user’s logon name to the username column and the group name to the group column. In this example, I have 50 users that I want to be added to two groups. In the screenshot below you can see for each group the username is listed.

Step 3: Run

With the CSV filled out it’s time to run the tool.

  1. Select the CSV
  2. Select Action
  3. Click Run

While it’s updating you will see the progress in lower left corner. When it’s complete check the logs.

Step 4: Check logs

When the update is complete it’s a good idea to check the logs for errors.

Click the logs button in the main menu.

You should see a bunch of info log messages that the user was added to the group. This means it updated the user’s group membership successfully.

You can scroll through the logs to spot errors or you can use the search box to filter for any errors.

In the screenshot above you can see this account “Carlos.Harvell” failed. That is because the group “Account_Folder2” does not exist. I did this on purpose to demonstrate how to find errors in the logs.


If you run into any issues or need to ask a question you can contact us via our contact page.

You can also send us any additional features you would like to see added.