Active Directory Last Logon Reporter

Key Features

  • Find Active Directory users real last logon time
  • Search single or all domain controllers
  • Displays name, account name, DC and last logon time
  • Find stale and unused accounts
  • Export report to CSV or HTML

Key Features

Quickly list all Active Directory users Last logon date with the AD Last Logon reporter tool. Logon reports can be exported to CSV or HTML with just a click of the button. Last logon report are critical for security, auditing, and management needs.  This information AD Last Logon Reporter finds the real last logon time by querying all Domain Controllers and displays each user's most recent logon time.

The data is displayed in a grid format displaying the user's name, account name, domain controller name and last logon time. 

Quickly sort the results by clicking on any column by ascending or descending order. 

Export the results to CSV or HTML for sharing the reports or further analysis.

You can select a single domain controller or all to generate the last logon report. 

Last Logon Screenshot_large

3 Easy Steps - AD Last Logon Reporter

Launch Tool

Select a single or all domain controllers

Click Generate report

Once the report is generated you can click on any column to quickly sort the results.