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Active Directory Last Logon Reporter

Report Active Directory users TRUE last logon time from all domain controllers. Export report to CSV or HTML

Key Features

  • Get users real last logon time
  • Search single user, or all users
  • Export to CSV or HTML

Features Overview


Report includes users display name, logon name, domain controller, and last logon time.

Save Time

Last Logon Reporter saves you time by automatically getting the REAL last logon time for all users.


The report can easily be exported to CSV or HTML for further analysis or archiving.

Easy to use

The simple and minimal interface makes it easy to use for any staff member.


Search for any user in the table or filter results on any column.


All tools are built with PowerShell, this means the tool requires no installation since PowerShell is native to the Windows operating system.

How Does it Work?

Watch the video below to see a demo of the Active Directory Last Logon Reporter.

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