Active Directory Last Logon Reporter

Report Active Directory users TRUE last logon time from all domain controllers. Export report to CSV or HTML


Report True Last Logon

  • The report includes user's display name, logon name, domain controller, and last logon time. Each user's last logon time is stored on the domain controller that authenticated the user, this does not get replicated to other domain controllers. This tool will query each domain controller and report the latest time each user authenticated.

Export Report

  • The report can easily be exported to CSV or HTML for further analysis or archiving.

Sort Records

  • Each column can be sorted in ascending or descending order. This helps to quickly find details such as the user with the oldest logon date.

Save Time

  • Last Logon Reporter saves you time by automatically getting the REAL last logon time from all domain controllers for all users.

Easy to Use

  • The simple and minimal interface makes it very easy to use. Just launch the tool select your input option and click run.


  • All tools are built with PowerShell, this means the tool requires no installation since PowerShell is native to the Windows operating system. If you are familiar with PowerShell you are free to look under the hood at the ps1 file that is included. You could even tweak the ps1 file to customize the tool.

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