Active Directory Last Logon
Report Tool

Report users TRUE last logon time for all users, single or users from an organizational unit

Get accurate logon time for Active Directory Users

Export report to CSV

Add additional user fields

Easy to use, no scripting required


Get users TRUE last logon time

This tool will check all domain controllers for the last logon date and report back the TRUE last logon time.

Domain controller picker

You can choose to run this tool against all domain controllers or a single DC. You may have domain controllers that span multiple locations and this will help define the search scope if you need that option.

Save hours of work

Manually getting the last logon time for all users is very time-consuming, almost impossible. This would also be a complex script to create. This tool automated that process and saves you from hours of work.

Export report to CSV

The report can be exported to CSV for backup, for auditing, compliance or further investigation.

Search options

Choose to report on all users, a single user or all users from an organizational unit. The GUI makes it very easy to limit the scope of search to your choice.

Sort and search records

The table view allows you to easily sort and search records.


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