Active Directory Group Membership
Report Tool

Export all Active Directry groups and members with this easy to use GUI tool.


Easily Report Group Membership

This tool makes it very easy for you to get all user’s group membership. You can get all users, users from a group of users from an organizational unit.

Search and Filter the Results

You can filter and sort the results table to quickly find or organize the report. Do you want to just see all the nested groups? No problem, then click the object class column to filter for nest groups.

Easy To Use, No Scripting

This easy-to-use GUI tool required no coding or scripts. This saves you lots of time by not having to update or change complicated scripts.

Get Nested (Recursive) Membership

Group membership can easily get out of control when groups are added to other groups. This tool will help you track down all groups that are added to other groups.

Customize the Report

The column picker lets you add or remove user fields so you can customize the report to your needs. There are 60+ user fields to choose from, the GUI interface makes it easy to add and remove user fields.

Export to CSV

You can easily export the report to CSV for backup, reporting, or migration needs.


Main window
Filter options
Filter/Search columns
Choose path
Find nested groups
Add/Remove Columns

What our customers say…

“Works great! Saved me hours of work. The ability to report on nested group membership is a great feature.”

David Sims
Network Administrator

“Thanks for providing such a great product. “

Ima Rojas
System Administrator

“I want to thank you for the AD PRO Toolkit, we were able to use it right away to export all group members and all user accounts. We have to provide reports to department heads each quarter and this toolkit makes it easy.”

Dana Catherman
Director of IT

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