Active Directory Group Membership Report Tool

Report and export all Active Directory groups and group membership with this easy to use GUI tool.

Key Features

Used by thousands of Professionals to Simplify and Automate Active Directory Management.


List nested (recursive) Group Membership

Check the "recursive group" option to include nested groups in the report. Permissions can easily get out of control when groups are added to other groups. This tool will help you track down all groups that are added to other groups.

Included User Attributes

The following attributes are includes in the group report

Username, Name, ObjectClass, Group, Group Type, Scope, Description, First Name, Last Name, Office, Telephone, Street Address, PO Box, City, State, Zip, Email, Title, Department, Company, Manager, Proxy Addresses, Initial, Display and Homepage.


Export Group Reports

All reports can be exported to CSV or HTML. This can be used for reporting, backups, compliance, migration and so on.

Group Membership Report

Report on group membership for a single user, single groups, all groups, or all groups from an organizational unit.

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