Active Directory Health Monitoring Tool

Active Directory is a critical service that must be running without errors or failed services. This GUI tool makes it easy to check the health of your domain controllers

Monitor the health of Active Directory

Check for replication errors

Monitor critical services

Bulk Update


Monitor domain controller health

The Active Directory monitoring tool makes it easy to automate running health checks against single or multiple domain controllers. The tool can run up to 26 health checks.

Automate health check

This tool can run as a service and run on a schedule to automate health checks. Choose how often you would like the tool to run and setup email alerts.

Monitor critical Active Directory services

The tool runs 27 health checks on each domain controller. Monitor Netlogons, replication, FSMOcheck, SysVolCheck, KccEvent, DFSREvent, KnowOfRoleHoder, and more.

View logs and diagnose AD issues

The tool includes a log tab that makes it easy to see what is happening. If the tool detects errors you can open the log to get more details on what failed.